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GPS Green Plant Society Soil for Succulent/Cactus use (Cocopeat Mixture Soil) 养花种花种植 多肉专用泥土/ Tanah Cactus & Sukkulen
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GPS Mixture Soil for Succulent/Cactus
Ready to use. No need to add more ingredients
Promotes excellent drainage & water retention
Specifically formulated for Succulent & Cactus
Proferka fertilizer with NPK 16-16-16 added
Good basic soil mix for the beginner cactus grower
Suitable for both indoor & outdoor use

=====>>>>> Basic succulents/cactus care <<<<<=====

Soil: Succulent and cacti need a very gritty soil mix to encourage fast drainage. This is important as they are prone to root rot. Normal potting soil will retain too much water. GPS Mixture Soil has been amended with materials that will help the soil to dry out faster and ensuring your plant's health and well being. It is ready to use and is a good soil mix for first-time growers.

Sun exposure: Best light is bright indirect sun. Direct sun exposure especially at noon may cause leaves to scorch.

Watering: Water thoroughly until water comes out from under the pot. Only water when soil is dry. Do not water every day. It will forgive you quickly if neglected since it doesn't need much care at all.

Take Note 敬请垂注:
(a) Please note that for soil, it is measured in litre (l), NOT kilogram (kg). The weight of the soil will differ according to the condition of the soil (dry or wet). If the soil is wet, the soil will be heavier. Thus, we will measure the soil in litre to ensure fairness among our customers.
Untuk tanah, kami akan ukur dalam litre (l), bukan kilogram (kg). Berat tanah akan berbeza berdasarkan kebasahan tanah. Tanah akan jadi lebih berat kalau dalam keadaan basah. Jadi, kami akan ukur dalam litre untuk keadilan.

(b) For West/East Malaysia orders, we will not be liable for any damages incurred by the courier service, parcel returned, late delivery or held by the immigration. The buyer should bear their own risk upon making a purchase.
我们配送到西马/东马, 但若被海关扣留/没收, 我们恕不退款!
Thank you and Happy Shopping with GPS!

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