GPS Green Plant Society live plant Monstera Rhaphidophora Pertusa 龟背竹 (NEW!)
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Our Monstera Rhaphidophora Pertusa is a plant which has beautiful, unique perforated leaves that makes it stand out compared to other plants. It is versatile as it can be placed in offices, restaurants, cafes, stores and your home! Get our Monstera Deliciosa as a center piece of your garden or home.

Kindly note that the photo shown in the advertisement are plants that have fully grown. The plant leaves might not have splittings like the photo , they are still the same plant but will need more time for the leaves to split apart.

Function: Purify the air, beautify your garden/space

Placement: Outdoor, Indoor, Balcony, Office, Restaurant, Cafes, Shops

Only water when soil appears to be dry
Can apply our PROFERKA 16-16-16 FERTILIZER
Peat moss
Bright indirect sunlight

(a)Each plant is unique, the plant you receive may not be the same colour or shape as the picture. The colour of the plants will fade and their leaves may fall during transit which is normal. However, they will recover in a sunny, well-ventilated environment paired with good care.

**Most items are ready-stocks, hence shipment will proceed within 2-3 working days. However, stock availability may differ due to unforeseen circumstances (lockdown, plant condition etc)

(b)For West/East Malaysia, we will not be liable for any damages incurred by the courier service. Eg: delivery delayed, parcel held by customs, parcel returned, loss or damage.
我们配送到西马/东马, 但若因为物流公司的疏忽比如:延迟送货,被海关扣留/没收,包裹退还,包裹遗失,或包裹有损, 我们恕不退款!

(c)Typically, plants can survive for a week during shipment but there is NO GUARANTEED! Therefore, purchase at your own risk
通常植物可以在包裹里存活大约 1个星期, 但我们不能保证植物在封闭的包裹里长时间不受损, 介意慎拍!

(d) What to do if I receive a dead plant?
- Plants are vulnerable and fragile. Hence, we will always do our best in packaging. However, sometimes due to courier mishandling (parcel left under rain/sun or thrown), the plants may be damaged. Therefore, buyers should bear their own risk when purchasing.
植物是脆弱而敏感的,我们会倾尽我们所能保护他们。但偶尔会遇到包裹(日晒雨淋或被丢)的情况, 植物将会受损 。因此,介意者慎拍!

- If the plants are received within 4 days and are found to be dead, we provide 2 options:

Option 1: We will replace the plants for you on your next order.

Option 2: If you do not wish to place a new order, then buyer will need to purchase Replacement Product in our store (bear the shipping cost).

Thank you and Happy Shopping with GPS!

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