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We selling a wide variety of high quality landscape plants ranging from
ground cover to trees,potted plants, bonsai, turfing, fruits planting materials &
estate supplies, landscape accessories supplies, and landscaping & garden design.

我们卖多种高品质的植物景观,从地面覆盖范围大的树,盆栽,盆景, 铺草皮,

You wish for it, we will have them for you!


Forest in the CIty
Forest in the city, cames with the brand new concept which bringing out someting fresh, new and unique.

We came with a big mission which to explore the forest in this city together with our friends (customers)!

Located @ Ground Floor, Gurney Walk

Green Plant Society was established in 2017. It was formed with a passion to share the love we have for plants and gardening. We are a plant nursery based in Penang, Malaysia that holds more than 100 species of plants. Our vision is to reconnect individuals with nature in order to breathe life and beauty into their homes while doing our part to counter global warming.

Following our vision, we offer several types of services to our customers such as curating a perfect gift for a loved one or incorporating a touch of greenery to industrial/household spaces. We even host multiple types of workshops ranging from terrariums, succulent bowls and kokedama planting for individuals who want a new experience.

In addition, we have many varieties of plants such as our special tropical plants, cacti, succulents, bonsais, snake plants, bamboos, and many more. But what makes us different is the attention and detail that we place in working with our valued customers in finding what suits their home or office best!
At GPS, we ensure that everyone leaves with a plant in their hand and a smile on their face. We hope that you truly enjoy your experience with us and learn more about plants on the way, happy planting!
Company Team Building

Team building is highly essential for every team despite the industry they are in. It is a time to communicate, recharge the sense of team spirit, get to know each other better while learning new skills together for synergy. 

Here at GPS, we believe that terrariums are perfect for team building. Terrarium-building is therapeutic and refreshing as individuals learn more about nature. Through participation, individuals are able to release any negativity and cultivate a sense of peace while incorporating nature into their workspace. 

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Terrarium and Paludarium

In urban society, it is essential for individuals to connect with nature as everything is becoming over-developed and digitalized. As more people are taking an interest in gardening, terrariums are the perfect way to integrate nature in all types of living spaces.

The concept of terrariums are to have small ecosystem which is low in maintenance and easy to build. With GPS, we are able to accustom our terrariums designs according to your preference of plants and terrarium sizes.

Terrariums are suitable for everyone from gardening novices to experts. Get yours today by contacting us!


Ever since gardening became a hobby, many individuals have tried incorporating both aquascapes and landscapes in one. However, they were unable to attain their dream to fully combine both. GPS has the solution for you!

GPS Paludariums boasts its ability to bring both water and earth elements together. Individuals are now able to create paludarium spaces which enable them to rear fishes and tend to plants at the same time!

Elements of paludariums as well as its dimensions are customizable according to your preference. Find out more today!

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What We Supply

Trees & Potted Plants

Green Wall & Lanscape
In line with our vision to reconnect individuals with nature, GPS strongly recommends and encourages everyone to incorporate nature in all homes.

GPS offers professional green-wall landscaping services for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Green walls are which are low in maintenance and beautiful to behold. Bring in nature to your cafes, restaurants, business places or even at your own home!

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